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Thousand Oaks MLS Therapy

Treatment for Foot & Ankle Pain

Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Laser Therapy is a cutting-edge treatment for painful foot and ankle inflammation. Laser therapy works by applying beams of energy deep into muscle and tissue to stimulate the cells and prompt reproduction. Essentially, MLS laser therapy works but jumpstarting the body’s healing processes.

MLS laser therapy is used in the treatment of the following:

The MLS device is unlike other laser therapy technology in that it delivers controlled energy to the treatment area, allowing physicians to use a higher dose of energy without worrying that it will damage surrounding areas.

To learn more about the MLS Laser Therapy treatment at Performance Foot and Ankle, contact us at (805) 380-3152.

How Does it Work?

MLS Laser therapy is a painless treatment that usually only takes around eight minutes. Patients are positioned on a table as the laser is targeted over the inflamed area. A highly precise, dose of laser energy is applied to the area. MLS lasers have a wide range that allows them to penetrate deep into body tissue- far more so than some other lasers such as tattoo removal devices.

The energy from the laser increases circulation in the area, bringing more oxygen into the inflamed tissue that stimulates cell growth and recovery. When the treatment is finished, you should experience some relief that will continue to improve as your body heals.

If you are interested in MLS laser therapy call (805) 380-3152 or contact Performance Foot and Ankle online.

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